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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about treatment

Are there any neurological conditions that Physio Where You Are does not treat?

No. Not that we are aware of! The Physio Where You Are team will assess any neurological condition. However, further treatment will only be offered if it will be effective.

Can I contact Physio Where You Are about a condition that is not neurological?

Yes. If you have a movement, balance or posture related problem, we may be able to help you. Please give us a call and we will assess your problem over the telephone.

Will treatment be painful?

Not normally. Treatment is not usually painful. If however you have muscles that have become very tight and sore, some discomfort may be experienced while working on them during a session. The therapist will be able to assess that some discomfort may be experienced and will ask you about the planned treatment and keep you fully informed. There will not be any nasty surprises!

After the initial assessment will I have to continue with treatment?

No. The initial assessment is a ‘stand alone’ session. It is entirely up to you whether you have any further sessions, unless of course, it is felt that physiotherapy will not help you following the initial assessment findings at this time.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of sessions?

No. The number of sessions will be evaluated as you progress with treatment. You will be given an estimate of the number of sessions required to reach your goals but this will be under constant review. You will only be kept on therapy for as long as you are making progress.

Will Physio Where You Are offer me ‘maintenance treatment’?

Possibly. The Physio Where You Are team are all specialists and will be looking to make progress with all their patients at each session. If you have reached a ‘plateau’ in your rehabilitation potential (this may be due to ill health for example), you may be offered ‘maintenance treatment’. This change in direction in therapy will be acknowledged by therapist and patient and will be kept under regular review.

Will you visit me anywhere?

Yes. As long as you are within our usual radius we will visit you at the place where your physiotherapy treatment will have the best effect. If you are outside of our usual radius, give us a call and every effort will be made to accommodate you or to help you to make alternative arrangements. If you are in a nursing or residential home, we will need to liaise with the staff there before a visit takes place.

Questions about referral

Can I refer myself?

Yes you can. However, Physio Where You Are takes referrals from GPs, consultants, therapists and other health care professionals aswell!

Is it possible that Physio Where You Are will not take me on?

Yes. You will be given an honest assessment of your movement potential and if it is not felt that physiotherapy will help you, we will explain that to you. You are at liberty to ask for a second opinion at any time.

Questions about payment

Do I need to pay on the day?

No. Physio Where You Are actively discourages payments at the session. You will be billed at the end of the month and you will have your invoice signed as proof of payment when payment has been received.

Do I need to pay in cash?

No. The preferred method of payment is by cheque. Please do not pay in cash unless by prior agreement. Sorry, it is not possible to pay by credit or debit card at this time.