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How We Treat


The Physio Where You Are team will aim to help you reach your maximum functional potential. We are always keen to involve relatives, carers or friends of your choice in sessions if you so wish. We aim to enhance your therapy by considering how you, and/or others can work between sessions to help you reach your potential.

Examples of treatment techniques we use include:

All Physio Where You Are members have an up to date working knowledge of the Bobath Concept and will be encouraging a return to movements and functions which are as normal as possible for each individual.

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What happens at the first treatment session?

Initial Assessment.

The first session is longer than subsequent sessions as it involves an initial assessment of your individual difficulties and needs.

As you might imagine, all this takes quite a while – about an hour to an hour and a half.


It is helpful if you are wearing loose clothing. If it is comfortable and appropriate for you to wear shorts and a vest top, this helps in giving clarity to the assessment process by allowing the therapist to see how your body responds during movements and functions. However, we do understand that this can be difficult on occasions so please be comfortable.


During this session, you will be asked several questions about what happened, when it happened and the kind of treatments that you have had since. Please do not worry if you cannot remember all the details, we will work with you to build a picture of how you are now and how we might best be able to help you.


Having a look

We will look at what you can do, how you can move and try to understand what activities you find difficult and why.

Assessing how you move

It may be necessary to handle some of your muscles to gain a better understanding of how you move. You will be told what we are going to do and if you are unsure or unclear we will clarify and only proceed if you are comfortable with the assessment.

Letting you know

You will be kept fully informed throughout the session. At the end of the session we will have a chat with you to clarify – whether therapy will be helpful at this time, what you might look to achieve should you embark on a course of treatment and whether we can help you reach your current aims and goals.

Booking more sessions

We do not normally book more sessions at the first assessment. We will give you a full verbal report of the findings and then we will leave it with you as to whether or not you contact us for further sessions. If in our opinion you will not benefit from physiotherapy at the time of the assessment, you will be informed of this and given advise as to other modalities which may be of help to you.