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Thank you for visiting the Physio Where You Are web site, I hope you found it interesting.

You will remember that the criteria for team members is on the Who We Are link so please check that you are happy with it.

All team members are just that – team members – you don’t ‘belong to’ or ‘work for’ anybody. You are a team member and can enjoy all the benefits that are associated with it.

The benefits include:

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can still join.

If you think that you might like to join the team then it would be great to hear from you – do get in touch for an informal chat!

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Comments from some team members

I started working with the Physio Where Are Team 8 years ago, initially on a part-time basis and 4 years ago I decided to join the team full-time.

I find that working for the team gives me flexibility in my working hours and I can choose the amount of work I wish to take on at any one time.

Physio Where You Are is made up of a team of enthusiastic and skilled clinicians who are always striving to improve the standard of their clinical skills. The quarterly training sessions give the team the opportunity to come together to assess and treat a patient and to address any treatment issues that team members may have. The sessions are always very informative, helpful and enjoyable. Erica has an informal teaching style and her in-depth knowledge of team members’ clinical skills means that the sessions are always pitched at the right level.

Erica is a highly skilled clinician and is always on hand to give advice about patient management; this may be advice over the phone, in 1 : 1 clinical supervision meetings or by carrying out joint treatment sessions with patients. I find the joint sessions with patients are particularly useful to assist with problem solving.

My overall experience of working for the Physio Where You Are Team has been 100% positive, it has given me more confidence in my own clinical skills and knowledge and continues to give me excellent support to develop these further.

Clare Baggaley – Physiotherapist

It was great to have joined the team a year and a half ago, at which time I was deciding whether to go into research or undertake private work alongside my NHS job. It was the best decision I made; working as part of Erica’s team has provided further development of my clinical skills and has broadened my repertoire of techniques. Erica always gets more from a patient and always has something to give to advance your reasoning and practise. It is unusual to find such support at a high clinical level to take your skills further but Erica does this. The result is that patients ultimately benefit – I love the one to one joint sessions as well as the challenging team training mornings. The team itself is driven and enthusiastic and always keen to get more from each other and the patients. I have the drive and motivation to take patients further and Erica enhances on this to take patients into the world of their dreams. With the innovative and inspirational practise potential is revealed and becomes reality!’

Ruth Sturt – Physiotherapist

The Physio Where You Are Team allows me to plan my own diary and work independently whilst also providing me with support and training. Erica is always available to help whenever it’s needed.

Fiona Logan- Physiotherapist

Team relaxing together