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Where We Treat

Treatment at a gym

Physio Where You Are is currently based in and around the Midlands BUT wherever you live, we would be pleased to talk to you. We will discuss your physiotherapy needs with you and then try to find you a physiotherapist with suitable qualifications and experience in your area.

We are a mobile team and will come and see you where you are. Some of the places we often treat our patients include:

Our aim is to work with you where you feel the most comfortable and ‘at home’. We believe that in this type of situation, you are most likely to reach your potential.

Geographical areas covered

We currently treat patients in – Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, South Yorkshire, Rutland and the West Midlands.

However if you do not live within our current geographical area we will do our utmost to find you an appropriate therapist in your locality.

Treating in a gym